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Liz Mover's North Shore Cancer WALK Fundraising Page

Liz Mover
"You have cancer" Those words are something that no one should ever have to hear. Unfortunately, I heard them at 34 years old. Being diagnosed with breast cancer is extremely scary for any young adult. The North Shore is very fortunate to have the North Shore Cancer Center in our backyards. The North Shore Cancer Center provided me with Boston physicians and a small community feel. I continue to receive follow-up monitoring and treatments at the Cancer Center. This is a small way for me to give back to the Cancer Center and help support current & future patients!

Please help me support North Shore Cancer WALK by making a contribution to my fundraiser and sharing this page with your family and friends. Every dollar I raise will advance North Shore Cancer WALK's great cause! Proceeds from the 2021 WALK will be used to continue providing important services at Mass General/North Shore Cancer Center including: genetic counseling, clinical trials, palliative care, support groups, nutrition and wellness services such as acupuncture, massage and Reiki. They will also support the use of “cold caps” which help in the prevention of chemotherapy hair loss, a traumatic side effect for oncology patients. Funds will also be used to purchase a sophisticated scope to provide superior magnification for complex oncology surgeries at NSMC Salem Hospital.

There is a beautiful Healing Garden behind the Cancer Center that is lined with bricks with beautiful messages. Research has shown that healing gardens can reduce blood pressure and help patients recover more quickly. The center's healing garden is available for patients and their families and features a paved pathway, benches, perennial plants and flowers, willow trees and a fountain.


Me with my primary infusion nurse, Pat, on the day of my last Herceptin infusion <3



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I’m sorry I can’t walk with you guys but I’m with you in spirit!
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Way to go Liz!!!
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I will be with you in spirit tomorrow ❤️

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